How I got Started:

My passion for photography began at Iowa State University in 1969 while majoring in Engineering.  The house where I resided in Ames had an adult advisor, Vince, who was head sports writer and photographer for the Ames Daily Tribune. One day Vince told me he was in a jam because a flu-bug had infected his staff of photographers, none of which could work that evening.  I told him I would help and that I would attempt to cover a basketball tournament, even though I had never operated a 35mm camera.  Vince, with no other choice, pushed the camera bag towards me and gave me the job. When I arrived at the game, a bit jittery, I sat down alongside a young lady on the sidelines who looked like she knew the ropes. I must have looked like I needed help, as she offered to walk me through the basic techniques of loading the camera and shooting a sports event. She made it seem possible and a bit fun.

Grandpa Quote: "If you are ever in a jam, act stupid and someone will help"

That was easy, and she did help, a lot!

Later that evening in the sports darkroom, I saw my future developing before my eyes. It was, indeed, magic to watch the images immersed in chemicals, start to appear.  Not too damm bad for a rookie!  


My boss was happy with my first job results, and offered me a position with the Tribune as long as I continued to show progress. A couple of days later, he gave me a Press Pass, which was my passage to anywhere for the rest of my college years, and boy did I use it.  I began studying photography, building a darkroom and hanging out with other campus photographers. As I picked up side jobs, I was on my way to my life's passion, while at ISU.

For the next 40 years, I studied under many Professional Photographers whose work I had seen and admired. Each has influenced me with unique new twists of techniques, talents and inspirations; together with many of my fellow photographers, whom I've worked with, played with and learned from through the years.  I thank them all for sharing their talents and inspiring me in my career.

So when a customer tells us, "I don't take good pictures", we see it as a welcome challenge. To us, it's all about making the client relax so we can discover their many looks, and then painting them with light. Lets make this fun; why shouldn't it be?  I've always felt that my subjects are my best motivators, opening up and teaching me what they are about and then enabling me to capture the real 'them' for posterity.  

Recording and being a part of their very special moments, is very cool.

Thanks to all who have made it possible for me to love my work.

  Ed Schneckloth