Going to Same Party?


The thought put into this aspect of a portrait is very critical.  

Families studio: The bigger the group, the less confusion we want to see with the clothing.

We want a family to all look like they "are going to the same party". By this we mean the same season, same formality... using complimentary solid colors, or toned down patterns.  

Avoid bold patterns and colors, it 'draws the eyes' to the clothes on one person and does not enhance the group as a whole.

If possible lay the clothes out on a white sheet on the bed and see that all the colors you pick compliment each other.  With a variety of colors in a group, I will need to scatter those with the same color, rather than clumping all one color in one area, this is essential to balance the images look.

Think about where you are going to hang your large print. If there are colors in the room that you wish to accent, choose your colors accordingly.

Is there a formality you wish to match in your home? Maybe you already have a casual family portrait and would like to do something more formal this time... or vice versa.

If your are interested in Black & White, it will eliminate the color issues but not the bold patterns. Small children in the group can wear brighter colors and bolder patterns because their smaller mass allows it.

Families outside: Outside portraits should be kept very casual as some of you may be sitting on the grass. White is NOT a good color for outside portraits. Keep in mind, the larger the group, the more difficult it is to position everyone in an outside setting. We do locations if you have something specific in mind, but the important thing is for you to get your portraits done. Sometimes it's difficult to get extended family together and scheduling at the studio allows us to move inside if the weather is bad. Then we get results rain or shine.

Very large groups are not a problem. We can accommodate 70+ in our studio.

Yes, there is much to think about when getting a large group together, but the dividends are HUGE for many, many years!  

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