Senior Sessions


Creative                         $99

Includes: Three outfits for indoor and outdoor portraits. Express your

unique personality through a variety of outfits and backgrounds. Allow 

approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours for this session.


Traditional                     $74

Includes: Two outfits for indoor and outdoor portraits.

Our most popular session - a range of backgrounds with little outfit fuss.

This session takes about 2 hours.


Basic                               $43

Includes: One outfit for indoor portraits only. Ideal for head

and shoulder shots. This session is very basic so... an hour or less.


Personalize your Session

Have your senior portraits reflect your interests and achievements. 

Include your friends, pets, vehicles, musical instruments and

sports equipment.


Minor Accessories                $14

15 minutes allotted per minor accessory: small pets, musical instruments, sports equipment.


Major Accessories                $24

25 minutes allotted per major accessory: friends, large pets, vehicles, additional outfits.