Why a Professional?


There is more to photography than a pretty smile. A professional photographer

knows how to capture the ‘true you’. A smile that shows in your eyes.


Someone who has been working with people, taking portraits for years, 

knows how to make them relax, laugh and have a good time during their 

session. That is essential to capturing your ‘real’ expressions. 


A professional photographer isn’t just taking pictures. He is creating portraits. 

He is posing you in the best, most flattering ways, to acheve the best

end results. 


Big Ed has 42 years of portraiture experience. The ‘Studio in the Country’ 

has expansive areas and many complementary backgrounds for a 

variety of looks.


A dressing room with mirrors and plenty of lights to comfortably change outfits.


Exceptional lighting that is found only in a professional photography studio.


Big Ed’s studio also has landscaped grounds to accomodate outside sessions.

No need to travel anywhere... but we can when needed.


After your photo session, you can choose your favorite portraits as early as the

next day, depending on scheduling. Then view them online with your family and



Once your prints are chosen, you can rest assured that each pose undergoes

complete enhancement and retouching of flaws. Orders are turned around

quickly, typically within two to three weeks of ordering.


Big Ed’s wants you to enjoy your portraits for years; so all your selections are

finished with a lacquer coating to protect them from Ultraviolet light.

However, should you ever need additional or replacement portraits, our digital 

archive contains copies of all your finished portraits.